Hongyun Black


  • Origin | Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Origin Altitude | 500 Meter
  • Dry Leaves | Twist shape
  • Roasting Degree | Non-roasting
  • Fermentation Degree | All fermentation
  • Liquor Colour | Amber reddish
  • Aromas | Citrus floral fragrance
  • Flavors | Honey with sweet potato flavor
  • Specification | 50g

Hungyun Black tea is the newest variety of Taiwanese tea, also known as (TTES. 21). Its a perfect hybrid production between Indian Kyang large-leaf variety and Keemun Black tea from Anhui China. With tea gardens situated about 500 meters in Mingjian Township, Nantou. It provides enough moisture for tea tree to grow exuberantly. It could survive strong wind and has specialty of easy to bloom.

Hungyun Black tea is fully fermentated with rich citrus floral fragrance. Its goldenred color like amber glimmering like the orange sun at dusk. To avoid the acerbity of black tea, after research we have found out the specific time and water temperature to maximize the quality of our tea. It has natural refreshing sweetness and scent of honey even sweet potato. If feel like trying something new, you could add some milk to make it Hungyun milk tea. Without any sugar it has creamy texture with great floral fragrance.